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Coding Activities for kids

Play fun-tastic Kid Tech Nation games! You’ll have such a blast, you won’t even notice you’ve been learning the whole time!

Have you ever wondered if you’re destined to be a graphic designer? A coder? An engineer? Take our polls and quizzes and you may be surprised what you discover!

  • designer or developer?

    Coders come in all shapes, sizes and specialties. Take our poll to find out what kind of coder you may be!

  • android master

    ​Get the Android to the finish area without getting destroyed!

  • if’s and then’s

    Take our quiz to see how code is all around us!

  • build the logic

    Program your drone to make its deliveries and earn you points.

  • code is power

    How well do you know your code terms? Take the quiz to find out.

  • colour coder

    Connect the colours from the top down to colours along the bottom!

  • build the code

    Score points by completing logic puzzles to filter the objects until you get the target object you need.

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